I thought I would write more of a personal blog post this month, since you’re probably wondering what this “Kitchen Star” business is all about!

It seems that I have I have found myself plonked in the centre of a whirlwind cooking competition where the ultimate prize is a $35K Good Guys kitchen :-O. I know, unbelievable. And amazing.


And if you vote for me, you could win $20K!!


How did I wind up here you ask? Well, let’s start from the beginning…

My dream is to be able to run cooking classes for my clients at home to demonstrate how doable it actually is to prepare affordable, easy, nutritious meals that truly taste amazing. BUT… Our kitchen is awful. Like probably one of the worst kitchens you have ever seen in your entire life (this may be a slight exaggeration… It’s not full of mice and cockroaches or anything… but it’s pretty bad!). It was built in the 1950s with minimal bench space, minimal storage space and a lop sided stove that is, quite frankly, very dangerous! So my husband and I arranged for a lovely Good Guys consultant to come out to our house and give us a quote for a new kitchen (it was Chris from “Chris & Jenna” on The Block!). Chris was amazing and drew up plans for a pretty rad kitchen, though unfortunately it ended up being outside our budget.


Since I had been clicking on the Good Guys website, this competition run by the Good Guys popped up in my Instagram feed. It said something like “do you like to cook?” and “do you have a food related blog?” and “want to win a $35K kitchen?” and I was like ahh... yeah, yep… and YES! So I applied, and found myself being asked to make a 90 second audition video, which I submitted (making my Savoury Muffins – hence the “new & improved” version over in the recipes tab). The judges obviously liked me and/or my muffins (either that or not many people auditioned :-/) and here I am! One of 6 contestants in the running to win a brand spanking new kitchen!! Before I could blink, I had the wonderful Tim from the Good Guys Chadstone delivering a truckload of amazing kitchen gear to my door (though now I really need a new kitchen so that I can store everything!).


So, what does the competition involve?? Basically, the My Kitchen Rules contestants set the “Kitchen Stars” a challenge. They will cook a particular dish, and challenge us to make a better version of that dish. Then, the public will vote for the Kitchen Star they like the best! Essentially, it’s a popularity contest – so PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!! The other contestants seem to be Instagram famous, so I need all the help I can get!!

PLUS, if you vote for me, YOU go into the draw to win $20K!!! What would you do with $20K???? The more times you vote, the better chance of winning you have! (NB you won’t win any money if you vote for any of the other contestants).

Voting for the Kitchen Star competition will open on Monday the 28th of Feb once our first videos are released on the Good Guys website. For now though, you can check out my bio at


Emily x