Emily Commerford

Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Sports Dietitian & Accredited Nutritionist

Founder of Melbourne Nutrition Services


Hello, my name is Emily and I'm on a mission to take the fear and confusion out of eating! In todays society we are bombarded with one diet fad after another from "clean eating", Paleo, low carb, no carb to every type of detox under the sun (the list could go on forever) with the result being TOTAL. UTTER. CONFUSION.

Whether you would like to work out your food intolerances, improve your mindfulness and relationship with food, control your blood sugar or cholesterol levels or improve your energy levels and quality of life,  I am here to help with simple, practical advice and care.


I am also a self confessed foodie and lover of all things flavoursome, so you will NEVER hear me ask you to stop eating your favourite foods (though I will ask you to remove the guilt if necessary).

As a keen runner and ex-triathlete, I also love to help my clients achieve their sport and exercise goals, be it from completing a 10km fun run for the first time or smashing a marathon PB! Training and race day nutrition can have a huge impact on performance and I can draw on a wealth of nutrition knowledge and experience to help you progress to that next level. I have experience working with a variety of different athletes and I am currently the dietitian at the Sandringham Zebras VFL club. 

My approach focuses on helping you achieve your performance or health and wellness goals, rather than weight loss and body composition.

I can't wait to meet you!

Emily x